Una bella recensione su di noi scritta da wheremilan.com.

“The day at Cocotte gets off to a great start with a first-rate cup of Italian coffee, the fragrance of warm croissants, cakes, freshly squeezed orange juice and innumerable other delicacies. Featuring a tranquil, convivial atmosphere, imbued with the aromas of tantalizing starters, main courses and side dishes rich in colour, this venue is also the ideal spot for lunch or a romantic dinner.”

Everything is prepared and served in charming “cocotte”, from which the restaurant takes its name. Recipes that though simple are never banal, including chicken spiced with curry and cinnamon-flavoured raspberries, its classic vegetarian lasagnetta with a white sauce, meat tartare flavoured with egg yolks and Amalfi lemons and, last but not least, its fabulous desserts to end your meal on a high note.

via wheremilan.com


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