Carmen Condeescu, canadese, parla benissimo del nostro brunch, ma consiglia di venirci a trovare anche solo per un caffè o la merenda del pomeriggio. Grazie Carmen!

“As a Canadian living in Milan sometimes I feel the need to follow some habits or traditions from back home. Sunday brunch was always very dear to me! For that fact breakfast in general is one of my favourite meals. I am a coffee addict and will do anything to get the best coffee in town.”

In Milan brunch is considered fairly new and often the food or coffee are more similar to a typical Italian lunch than a brunch. Cocotte has a great brunch offer for a good price and with a very cute atmosphere. You can select a main dish (i.e. pancakes, club sandwich, eggs…) that is served with coffee, orange juice and one of their amazing desserts from € 16. This is a great price considering everything is homemade! Eggs are their speciality so I recommend you try them at least once.

This spot gets crowded over the weekend but it is also a great option for a late afternoon snack or early morning coffee before work. The friendly staff is also an added bonus!



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